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Marquee Weddings With Silk Estate

Get married in your special place…

Getting married in that special place and having the freedom to do as you please are amazing draw cards for a marquee wedding. Modern marquees and temporary structures have come a long way in functionality and style, allowing couples to choose a look that fits with their location, and their wedding day vision. 

 When selecting a marquee for your wedding, it is crucial to consider a range of factors such as the location and required space, guest capacity, accessibility for suppliers and guests, and the overall desired aesthetic.  Our consultations can help you understand how much space you need for your guest capacity, which indicates which size of your desired marquee you may require. We have resources on all our marquee pages which can help you understand size requirements you require.

Hampton Marquee: A modern take on a traditional peg and pole, these marquees offer a new world elegance with their unique oval footprint and gorgeous sight-lines. Our sailcloth inspired materials used in the Hampton Marquee is champagne in colour and is complimented by beautiful wood grain wrapped metal poles. The high peaks and wall sides allow you to show off your surroundings that are complimented by the warm light that filters through the clean roof lines, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.  

 These marquees are available in varying sizes and offer a magical ambience with the walls on or off. Bring your own personality by adding, florals or lighting installations and modern or classic furniture. 

Start your wedding journey with Silk Estate:

Traditional Peg & Pole Marquees: This style has stood the test of time and are still a favourite for couples choosing the New Zealand landscape as their backdrop. Silk lined, or not, these marquees have tall centre poles and guy ropes that support the structure, and their sweeping rooflines offer a timeless presence. They have a classic, elegant look that can take on many styles of wedding décor and lighting design. A traditional marquee sits as perfectly on a manicured lifestyle block as it does a paddock with rugged mountain ranges off in the distance. 

Clear Frame Marquees: These luxurious marquees have become a ‘must have’ for couples who want to showcase stunning scenery and dance under the stars on their wedding day. These metal framed marquees can be installed onto any surface, have no centre poles so offer an unobstructed view and can be customised in size (they are modular), and by installing different lighting. We also offer a gorgeous wooden flooring system that can be added to customise your marquee wedding more. 

Solid PVC, rather than clear, can be installed on these structures, or an option to mix and match with both is also available. This is great for hiding a catering area or framing one solid end with draping and drop lighting to show off a feature area.